Monday, December 01, 2008

They Are Going To Love You!

Not that they don't already sweetie, but they are going to love you and whatever you make for them for Christmas. Your family is NOT going to care how much knitting you get done for them. All they care about is that you will be on the same continent! :) I know I am looking forward to that. I know your family and I know that they aren't going to think badly of you if you don't have everything done. Just do what you can sweetie. Sit down when the nut is napping and take a deep breath before you pick up your needles. Remember WHY you love to knit. Remember WHO you are knitting for and think those wonderful thoughts that I know you do when you knit. Just enjoy yourself, that is why we do what we do. Knitting isn't supposed to be something you dread, but something to help you avoid all the other things we dread doing! :)

Here is what I am attempting to get done while we are on the subject:
1) Hat and glove set for first gift exchange (I have hat done and one glove almost finished)--by Saturday December 6th
2) Scarf for second gift exchange--by December 22nd
3) Dad's cable scarf--by December 25th (SO not gonna happen!)
4) hat for my to be born nephew--by December 24th
5) 2 pair flannel pants for Layla (sewing, not knitting)--by December 25th
6) Flannel Jammies for Layla--12/25
7) Camo Pants for niece, Sarah--12/24
8) Super hero cape for niece Sarah--12/24
9) Christmas Dress for Layla--12/23
10) Christmas Dress for Jillian--12/23

Oh Cripes!! I better get going huh???? Now I am stressing! Thanks Carli!
Love, Theresa

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