Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wanna be done...

Those look awesome!!!! Your grandparents are going to love their gifts! And those jeans are just too cute. Hazel's legs are so short that we have to roll up most of her pants, so she can't pull those off, but they are just too darn cute!

I, on the other hand, want to be done with Christmas gifts. D-O-N-E. I love giving hand knits to people, but I have less than a month to get all this stuff done. And I have no motivation to do any of it, so I'm slow knitting.
I've been designing so many things that I want to, it's not startitis, as I really want to start and finish each thing to see if my designs turn out, but I will not start anything that isn't necessary until after Christmas. I won't do it...otherwise I'll have to save all my presents for next year, and I really don't want to do that either....

BAck to the yarnly grind....sigh.

Love and Kisses

Giving Thanks...

That I am managing to get some stuff done! I have some finished projects that I haven't had a chance to post so here you go:

Grandma's Shawl:

Grandpa's NAVY Hat:

My Gauntlets:

And I know this isn't knitting, but thought that I would share some Christmas Camo Pants that I made for someone. I think they turned out great, I may have to make some for my girls!

Love you,

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Hopes!

Hope you are feeling better Car! Miss you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

About Me!

Posted on my Journal about some email questionnairres that I received...check them out here.

Car, loving the doll. I want to add that too my list...oh how it grows.

I am going to a knit night at my neighbor's house today. I am really excited. I was supposed to go to the LYS on Monday night, but it was my friend's Birthday party so I missed it. I am REALLY hoping I can get my Grandma's shawl done by the end of the weekend. I love it, but am SO tired of working on it knitting the same 4 rows over and over and over! Almost done! Then I can't wait to start knitting a capelet for me with my Moonlight Mohair! But I can't start something ELSE new until I am done with the shawl. I won't I won't I won't. Oh crap...I have startitis!!!!!! Help!

Theresa (we REALLY need to sign our posts girl. Anyone reading these would be SO confused!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

My first doll! (aka...Lanie's surprise)

I think it's really important to celebrate each new little one we recieve into our "family" of friends. I love attending showers for them and picking out sute little outfits and toys!

Beth Penick got married this year and is celebrating the arrival of her first baby, Sophia!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Sadly, I couldn't go, but I (hopefully) will get to meet her when we're home. However, this isn't Beth's first child. When she got married to the fabulous Jody, she also married his little girl, Lanie. She's a beautiful little girl and Beth's been around her since she was....17 mos? Anywho. She's a grown up 3 year old now, and I know is going to be a great big sister. And I got to thinking...I defenitely want to get Lanie something, too! And I came across this great pattern in one of my magazines. Tooth Trader by Alan Dart (can't find the link). TOO CUTE.

So I made her...and modified her a bit. She's not a tooth fairy, but a ballerina fairy, and instead of a blonde pony tail I made brunette pigtails. I added a few bits and bobbs and anyway, I love how she turned out.....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yarn Lovers Dream!!

OK, so I will post more later, but HAD to tell you about my steal! I went to Big Lots with Mom on Friday...didn't see anything I couldn't live without. Then just before leaving, I walked down an aisle and there they were...skeins upon skeins of yarn ALL marked down to either $1 or $1.50! I sat and drooled for a while and then picked out 8 skeins of Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair and 3 or Lion Brand Suede (I would have gotten more of that, but they only had 3 in the color I liked). Total was about $17!! I figured it up and this yarn would have cost me about $89 in another store! Talk about a steal huh?!?! Now if I can just find the pattern that I really liked that I put away because I didn't want to spend $8 a skein on the mohair! I'll let you know when I find it!

BTW: Way funny website, I about fell out of my chair when I saw the crotched shorts!