Saturday, May 31, 2008

Prayers Please

I know this post has nothing to do with knitting, but prayers are really needed! My cousin who is a month younger than me is up at Mayo Clinic right now. She has already had her thyroid taken out a couple of years ago due to cancer. Now they have found 2 masses in her neck. They will biopsy them, but she will most likely have to have surgery to do it because the biopsy treatment they would normally do (shooting alcohol at it) can't be done because one is wrapped around her vocal cords. She is a mother of 2 beautiful little kids and has just finished law school and was recently sworn in to the bar. Please pray for her. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh So Cute!

Both sets of booties are SO cute Carli! I love the varigated Yellow Brick Road ones and really like the idea of using ties instead of buttons! The Chucks...OMG...I can't wait to make a pair for Jillian! I have some perfect yarn for them too! Good job! I am waiting with anticipation to see the pair on Hazel!

On my knitting front...I have had to change my goals around (once again!). I did finish everything for Stacey's Baby Shower in time (see pics below). My friend Darci had a new baby girl last week so I am trying to finish everything for her. I have made her new baby a hat and am making her booties as well (Saartje's Bootees) with Caron in Watermelon and Soft Yellow. I made her big sister (who is Layla's age) a coordinating hat as well. All I have left to finish are the booties and I am about 25% done with them. Then I have to make a pair of the Good Bye Yellow Brick Road Booties (found on Ravelry...I'd give you the link, but it doesn't work.) for my friend Jen's Baby Shower and finish her blanket as well. I am told her shower is the 8th, but I have yet to receive an invitation. So, that is what I am going with and want to be finished by the 7th. I have to get Darci's stuff done first though because I have to send it out to Connecticut! So, hopefully I will be done with her booties by the end of the week and can focus on Jen's stuff...wish me luck!

I will be glad when I am done with those things though, just because I want to knit some things for me (and my girls) and I haven't been able to do that much. I have many many plans....too many plans probably...oh well! Life goes on!

Finished Chuck!

Just wanted to post my finished chuck shoe for H!!!! I've only got one done, but I thought it was cute! Hopefully I'll get the other one done by mom & tot's group next week so H can wear them! It only takes a few hours to knit one up, so as long as I get over this creepy crud I've got going on, finishing the other should be no problem!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Recovery

Thank you love! It was a very mellow day yesterday, which I was fully OK with! We went and had Ulster Fry at the Ballygally castle and then went shopping for my birthday present...I got some clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. Then I knit!!!! Are you surprised? I found the cutest shoe pattern on Ravelry! They're mock Converse All-Stars! I love them, so I knitted up one to try on Hazel to see if it fit. It did, but I did it in verigated yarn, so it doesn't photograph very well.

I DID knit up Hazel some of those Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Booties! Too Cute! I used the bright verigated yarn I'm using to knit myself some footies. I think they're so cute done up in the verigated that i think I may go buy more verigated in different colors just so she can have a bunch!!!!!

The ties called for either buttons on the T-Strap, or ribbon, but I simply twisted coordinating pink yarn and used that as ties...I think it fits perfect as I think ribbon might have been too fancy for this yarn!

I can't wait to get the converse shoes finished! Here's the website! I used the alternative pattern as the original really didn't make sense. Converse Booties

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

S.'s Shower Gifts

I went to my friend S.'s baby shower today. It was a lot of fun and I was able to see some of my Sorority sisters (Phi Beta Chi) that I haven't seen in a while. S. was put on bed rest on Thursday and told that her shower was about all she could go do, so it was extra special for her. I am so happy for her and her husband, they tried for 5 years to get preggo, and were 1 month from going on the heavy duty fertility treatments when they got pregnant. God has his reasons and things happen in his time, don't they? So, anyways, here are some pictures of what I made for her (yes, I got it all done on time!). :)
The blanket:
The hat:
The ADORABLE booties:
So, now I only have 3 more hats, 3 pairs of booties, and 1/2 of a baby blanket to go before I can FINALLY make something for myself. I am looking forward to that time. The hats and booties don't take TOO much time though, so hopefully I can work on those quickly. I start my post-baby diet tomorrow so I am hoping that I can use knitting as a "Keep From Eating" tool since I don't eat while I am knitting so I don't get food on the object. Now, if I could just figure out how to make knitting a Cardio workout...but according to the Yarn Harlot, it doesn't matter how fast you knit, it just is NOT a Cardio workout. :( Oh goes on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One down...many to go!

Yeah! The first of 2 baby blankets if FINISHED! I am very happy! My friend S.'s baby shower is on Sunday and I have the blanket done now. I cast on this afternoon for the hat for her baby boy and wil cast on this evening for the booties. Hopefully I can get them both done by Sunday. I also still have half of the other baby blanket to do, but it is big needles and big yarn, so it shouldn't take too long hopefully! Then I just have to do 3 more hats and 3 more pairs of booties and I will be done with knitting for babies for awhile. Well, at least other people's babies! I have lots of other projects planned though. No rest for the wicked!

Friday, May 09, 2008

and the ADD sets in....

So I finished the front right panel of Hazel's sweater!!! YEA!!!!! I even stitched the shoulder seams of the front left and right to the back shoulder seams...Then I started the hood, all 102 stitches across...29 from the right...44 cast on...29 from the left. 2 rows into the hood, it occured to me that I have 9 1/2 inches of rows (102 stitches) to knit, and the ADD set in. My goal to get that sweater done by Monday has gone out the window. I currently HATE (with a passion) rasberry colored yarn. Garter stitch no longer seems mindless and relaxing.
So I switched to making myself a pair of footies out of the funnest (is that a word?) yarn I've seen in a long time. I've gotten the cuff finished, and my hopes of cool patterns forming out of this verigated yarn has gone out the window. It's still neat, don't get me wrong...I guess I just had higher expectations for this yarn than what it's capable of....oh, well, it's doing a good job of diverting my attention from the horrid rasberry yarn and will eventually keep my tootsies toasty!

In other news....

You know you knit too much when you dream about hanging out with the Yarn Harlot. No joke, I had this long carried out dream last night of hanging out with the Yarn Harlot. And I kept thinking, I wish Theresa could be here to hang out with us and knit...that would be so much fun!!!! I think I need to email the Yarn Harlot and tell her I've discovered a new "You know you knit too much when..."

Do you think she'd think I was Psycho??????

Getting there!

I attached the last skein of yarn for S.'s baby blanket! My new goal is to have it done by Sunday night...we shall see! I've alo decided to make her a hat for baby boy...that plus the is official, I have lost my mind. Or at least WAY overestimated my abilities!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Change Of Plan

So, after doing some thinking, I have decided not to knit the last 2 baby blankets (these are the ones I have not started). Upon being realistic about my knitting ability/speed, there is NO way I could get them finished in time. So, I am going to finish the ones for S. and J. and make the baby booties for S. If they go quickly, then perhaps I will make some for D. and E. This is both of their second child (not that this time around it is any less of a celebration!) and I am sure they both have a ton of blankets. So, I am not going to knit any for them. I may go ahead and make them each a flannel blanket, because they are soft and easily cleaned and I really enjoy making them for babies! So, I now have the following short term goals:

1) Finish S.'s baby blanket by 5/17/08
2) Start and Finish S.'s baby booties by 5/17/08
3) Finish J's baby blanket by 5/31/08
4) Sew 2 flannel blankets by 6/01/08

That ought to keep me busy for the next month. I have S.'s blanket almost half finished and J.'s IS half finished. The baby booties do not look too difficult, so hopefully I can get them done quickly. Darling hubby Eric is running in a half-marathon tomorrow, so weather permitting, I am hoping to get some knitting done. Layla is going to the in-laws for the weekend so I will only have Jillian and hopefully she will sleep! :) Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sprained Ankle = More Knitting Time

I fell yesterday and about broke my ankle. My hubby is sure it is just really sprained, but I was able to get some knitting done while resting my foot! Yeah!