Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas all from my family to yours. May your holidays be wonderful and filled with great memories for the years to come! Always remember the REASON we celebrate Christmas and the wonderful gift that GOD sent to us. Happy Birthday Jesus!

I might just get it all done! I have 1 more hat to finish and a cowl for my neighbor...keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Black Hole Exploded!

I kept on knitting and the black hole exploded into the 6" that I needed! I measured once and it was like 4" when I measured it again, it was over 6! Yeah! I have one ear done and the other about half way done. I should finish it today. I think it will look very cute. I am hopefully going to get to start on one of the girls's today.

I did finish my nephew's hat. I think it is really cute. It is the Vertical Stripes Hat from Susan B. Anderson book Itty Bitty Hats. It was a fairly easy pattern with no seaming, which you know I really hate. The only difficult part was getting all of the pieces the same length which I SO did not do. I measured each one as I went too, but for some reason, it just didn't work. It looks okay though. I hope that my SIL likes it for my to be nephew (who I am tired of calling that and think I am going to christen him "Rosco"). I tried it on Jillian and it is too small so it should fit a newborn like Rosco just fine. Here is what it looks like:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Black Hole!

OK, so last night, I understood the term "Black Hole of Knitting". Last night I was working on my niece's Bunny Hat and I just kept knitting and knitting and knitting. I need 6 inches before I can start to decrease. After all the knitting I only had 3 1/2 inches! An hour before, I had 2 1/2. I may not be the fastest knitter in the world, but I'm pretty sure I can knit 88 stitches in the round with Caron on Size 7's for more than an inch in an hour. I am hoping that when I go to measure it this morning, it will be at least 4 inches or something. I probably shouldn't hold my breath though!

I had a heart attack yesterday. Not really, but I had a glass of lemonade sitting on the table above my knitting bag. Do I really have to tell you what happened? Or can you take what you know about my lack of grace and guess for yourself? I almost got sick. I had to quickly pull all my yarn out of my bag and lay it by the heating vents then make sure nothing was ruined...all is good though, but I really do think my heart stopped!

I would be happy to knit the sock for you. I have big feet. :) You will have to wait until after the holidays though babe...way too much to do then. What gauge yarn do they use? Might as well do my first pair of socks for you. :)

Back to the Christmas knitting show!
Love, Theresa

Test Knit?

OK, so I'm almost finished writing up my pattern for Matt's Frat Feet Socks...but I need to have 3 test knitters before I can convert it to a PDF file and submit it to Ravelry as a design....

(Matt has a size 14 foot, so they're REALLY big on my feet and you can't get a good pic, so I'll take better pictures when he gets them for Christmas)

I know you haven't done socks yet, and this is a toe-up pattern (which is a little more complex than cuff down), but I wanted to see if you wanted to be my first test knitter? I am going to open it up to our BBC Mama's group to see if anyone there would be interested, but I wanted to ask you first!

These are knit up for Matty's huge feet, but the pattern is easily adjustable to different men's sizes as the toe count is the same but the length can be altered according to the length of the foot it's being knit up for)

Love you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Update, such as it is!

So much to do and oh geez, only like 8 1/2 days to get it done (I agree, the countdown thing may NOT have been my best idea!). Are you serious? I need more time! So, here is where I am:

Niece: Have to make her Camo Pants, Super Hero Cape, and Bunny Hat

Soon To Be Nephew: Romper and Blanket done (well, MIL is edging the blanket for me, but my part is done) and hat is almost done, just have to finish weaving in the ends and scrunch up the top.

Layla: Have to make 2 pair of flannel pants. I was going to do PJ's for her, but there is NO way they are getting done in time. I would also like to knit her a bunny hat. I still want to make a Christmas oufit, we will see if I get it done.

Jillian: Have to make 1 pair of flannel pants. Same for her on the Christmas outift and bunny hat.
BIL: A can cozy. He drinks a lot of coke and I thought this would be neat for him. I really like to do it in St. Louis Rams Colors, but I don't know if that is going to happen. I may just make him a simple one, we will see.

My parents and IL's: Foot prints from the girls. We have to do 4 of these this year, YOW! 2 for each girl!

Neighbor: I have NO idea, but she has done a ton of stuff for us this year and I want to give her a little something...any ideas???

I think that is all that I have to actually make. Do you think I can get it done? We will see, huh? I o have a couple of pics to share. Here is a pic of Jacqui who won my hat/gloves in the gift exchange I did last weekend.
Here is a pic of my to be nephew's baby hat almost finished:
Here are some pics of my seed stitch scarflette made from yarn that a friend gave me when Jilly was born. It is gorgeous. Thanks to Elmo for modeling so well! :)

Oh, wanted to point you in this direction: I think that they are WAY cute. One of the blogs I follow is making them.

Good luck getting your stuff done...wish me luck with mine!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Presents....

I finished on of Adam's presents!!!!! Yay!!!! Well, I have one part left but it will be finished this afternoon while Hazel's napping...But the long part is done!

It's a book Cozy! It's not as big as I thought it would be, but it stretches width-wise a fair amount b/c of the ribbing, so I was able to geta DVD case in there! I could have easily fit 2 more in there, so he shold be able to get a average size paperback or pocket Bible in there! I'm knitting a strap that I'll attach with velcro so he can decide if he wants to wear it across his shoulders or not! So one present is done!!!!

Now, Brett bought me a knitting book I really wanted. Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin. And I love it. I LlllllllllllOooooooooooVvvvvvvvvvvvEeeeeeeeeee it. I don't even know which pattern I want to knit first. Not true...I really want to knit the hat that's on the front cover....Side Slip Cloche. But then again, I really want the Argyle Lace Hat. Actually, I'm kind of concerned that this book is going to be my Christmas Knitting undoing. And telling myself I can't make myself something out of it until my presents are done seems just unusually cruel....Puh-Puh-Puhleeeeeeease?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh So Cute Though!

OMG, that hat is adorable! I can't get over how cute that is! I'm sorry it isn't going to fit Matt, but still, Hazel will get plenty of use out of it. Now you just need to get your mom to crochet this and her outfit will be complete! I'm sure if you explain the situation to Matt he will understand and will wait patiently for one of his own. :)

My gift exchange set went over well. I did take a picture, but it did not turn out cause we were in a dark bar. Sorry. I decided NOT to make a scarf for my other gift exchange. I am going to buy a travel coffee mug and make a coffee mug cozy for it instead. I just couldn't bring myself to make another scarf when I am still working on my dad's.

The girls and I are heading to my parents' house for a couple of days so I hope to get a lot of my knitting/sewing done down there. Wish me luck.

A Smart Woman would admit defeat....

So I decided to knit my brother Matt a hat. He's obsessed with Sock Monkeys, and I found this darling pattern on Knitty. It's Sock Monkey Hat, and it's a pattern actually written for an Adult.
Now, I promise I got gauge.

Then I added 10 stitches to the CO so it leaves room for a large man's head (it's weird to think of Matty as a man...sorry, Matt, it is).

But after tying off the top, and taking a look at what we've got, it's, ummmm, not big enough.

But it fits Hazel!

So Hazel's inheriting it. I didn't add the ears, just cuz I think it's cute without them.

Now, this is the second Christmas Present I have completed and that isn't anywhere near the right size. The Purdue hat is too big, and this one is WAY too small. And there's less that 2 weeks until we fly home. And I'm getting very discouraged.

Brett says it's God's way of telling me we need to take everyone something that's been purchased and leave the crafty stuff for another time.

I disagree...I WILL get some present made.

Friday, December 05, 2008

A Knitting Advent Calendar?!?!

You Got it! I found this on Flying Pig Knits. It is pretty cool. Check it out!

Advent Calendar

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Finished Objects

I got my first Gift Exchange Set done. I will find out on Saturday who gets it. I hope that they like it. Sorry that the pics aren't great. I will hopefully take better pics at dinner that night.
The hat is the Amanda Hat from Sleepy Eyes Knitting and the fingerless gloves are Cabled Fingerless Mitts from Carissa Knits.

I love the Purdue Hat by the way. You are going to have to share that graph with me! Keep working, we will get it all done babe.

Finished Objects...

Look what I got done! Well, it got done forever ago, but just now getting to the pictures

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Lists

I don't know about you, but I'm having a ridiculously hard time coming up with Christmas ideas for myself. I've been asked, but I generally get the blank look granted non-knitters when I tell them anything knitting or yarn related will do.

The Yarn Harlot's recent post giving suggestions got me thinking. Maybe it would help if we made a running list of things we would like. I know that when I walk into a yarn shop, I get overwhelmed and I actually know what I'm looking at and for. So I think it's unreasonable to ask my loved ones to go in a pick something out for me.

I added a list for me and one for T on the right side of the screen, and I promise to mine updated as I'll probably keep it there for birthdays and other gift giving needs.

Love to you all!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I Want This For Christmas!

I know I would have to make it, but I SO want this bag!

Positano Tote at Interweave Knits

I just don't even want to know how much it would cost. I may have to save any Chirstmas money I get. I LOVE IT!!

I did look at those $15 patterns. Yeah, way pricey, but wow...I can't imagine trying to do those little intricate details in the design. No Thank you!!

The Audacity

I can appreciate the time and effort required to design a knitting pattern. I can appreciate the countless hours put into making a pattern perfect so the design is not only beautiful as a finished product, but is also easily reproduceable for anyone else wanting to duplicate it. Therefore, I can understand charging for a one of a kind pattern.

I, myself, am too cheap to purchase any of the said patterns, but that, itself, is a whole other blog.

What I cannot understand is chargind $15.00 for one pattern. ONE PATTERN. $6.00? Yes. $7.00? Sure. $10.00? Maybe if it's truly exceptional. But $15.00??????!!!!!!!??????

Really. Get over yourself.

I found this pattern on Ravelry....Just A Butterfly.

It was gorgeous and interesting enough to take a further look at. So I did. And I laughed. Hard.

Now, I'm sure said designer is very proud of their design. As they should be. But that shawl is NOT $15.00 pretty. Not when it doesn't come with any other patterns, or in a kit of yarn to knit it up with.

I know I'm being disrespectful, and I don't mean to be, but really. And, shockingly, it's not the only pattern they have that is $15.00.

I would love to meet the ego that lies behind this pattern...their head has to be HUGE!!!!

Hugs to all but inflated head designer...

Monday, December 01, 2008

The countdown ticker....

Isn't actually helping.

Don't get me wrong, I love it, and am glad it's there and don't want you to take it off.

But it's not helping.

My list is as follows (stop reading if you are part of my family...)

1. Scarf and Wrap for Lindsay (the scarf is 1/2 finished and the wrap is about 1/3 done)

2. Gauntlets for Mom (I've got one done...)

3. Socks and a sock monkey for Matt (one sock is finished....)

4. Mug Cozy and Hat for Dad (one hat is done but it's too big, must start again, and the cozy is about 10 rows started)

5. Hat and Bag, and juggling toys for Adam....only the bag is started.

I think a big part of my problem is motivation.

got any to spare?

They Are Going To Love You!

Not that they don't already sweetie, but they are going to love you and whatever you make for them for Christmas. Your family is NOT going to care how much knitting you get done for them. All they care about is that you will be on the same continent! :) I know I am looking forward to that. I know your family and I know that they aren't going to think badly of you if you don't have everything done. Just do what you can sweetie. Sit down when the nut is napping and take a deep breath before you pick up your needles. Remember WHY you love to knit. Remember WHO you are knitting for and think those wonderful thoughts that I know you do when you knit. Just enjoy yourself, that is why we do what we do. Knitting isn't supposed to be something you dread, but something to help you avoid all the other things we dread doing! :)

Here is what I am attempting to get done while we are on the subject:
1) Hat and glove set for first gift exchange (I have hat done and one glove almost finished)--by Saturday December 6th
2) Scarf for second gift exchange--by December 22nd
3) Dad's cable scarf--by December 25th (SO not gonna happen!)
4) hat for my to be born nephew--by December 24th
5) 2 pair flannel pants for Layla (sewing, not knitting)--by December 25th
6) Flannel Jammies for Layla--12/25
7) Camo Pants for niece, Sarah--12/24
8) Super hero cape for niece Sarah--12/24
9) Christmas Dress for Layla--12/23
10) Christmas Dress for Jillian--12/23

Oh Cripes!! I better get going huh???? Now I am stressing! Thanks Carli!
Love, Theresa

I need a knitting attitude adjustment

I've had this affliction for as long as I can remember. If I HAVE to do it (whether it's self inflicted or something external forcing me), I don't WANT to, and I will drag my feet.

It will happen every time. EVERY single time.

And I thought knitting would be exempt from that rule, however, it is not.

If anything, it's worse. Because not only am I slow at finishing whatever I HAVE to finish, but then I make stupid mistakes and end up tinking and re-knitting whatever the UFO is atleast twice. Now, not only have I told myself that I must get the project done, making me hate said project, but then I've frogged it more than once for an error that is clearly my own, and I have now have less than no desire to work on it ever again. And that's where I'm at with as the bazillion Christmas presents that need to get done between now and the 22. I've got 1/2 of Mom's, Matt's, and Lindsay's presents left to do. Then I have to re-do the one present I've finished (which is for Dad) as it's clearly too big, and I just don't feel good about giving it to him. Maybe I'll wash it and see what it does. Only by the grace of God would a washing save it, but either way, unless it fixes it, I'll have to re-knit it. Sniff....sniff.

I think I'm just going to start Knitting Christmas presents ath the beginning of the year in 2009. That way, if I screw it up, I can set it aside and come back to it a couple of months later and save the gift. Or, I can just take my sweet old time with it and get it to turn out correctly the FIRST time.

To be fair, I started all these gifts in September, but I still don't think that was enough time for me...I've only been knitting for 4 years, and only seriously knitting things that aren't scarves for about 1 1/2. So I feel that expecting myself to complete 2-4 presents each for 5 people and only starting 2 mos ago may have been a tad overzealous. Just maybe.

So, now, as I sit and look at all the things left to do, I feel I need a nap, and a clear head, and an attitude adjustment so I can actually give gifts that make people feel the love I have for them in knitting them these things. At this point I fear they'll feel like I feel OBLIGATED, and I don't, I'm just not in a