Monday, December 08, 2008

A Smart Woman would admit defeat....

So I decided to knit my brother Matt a hat. He's obsessed with Sock Monkeys, and I found this darling pattern on Knitty. It's Sock Monkey Hat, and it's a pattern actually written for an Adult.
Now, I promise I got gauge.

Then I added 10 stitches to the CO so it leaves room for a large man's head (it's weird to think of Matty as a man...sorry, Matt, it is).

But after tying off the top, and taking a look at what we've got, it's, ummmm, not big enough.

But it fits Hazel!

So Hazel's inheriting it. I didn't add the ears, just cuz I think it's cute without them.

Now, this is the second Christmas Present I have completed and that isn't anywhere near the right size. The Purdue hat is too big, and this one is WAY too small. And there's less that 2 weeks until we fly home. And I'm getting very discouraged.

Brett says it's God's way of telling me we need to take everyone something that's been purchased and leave the crafty stuff for another time.

I disagree...I WILL get some present made.

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