Friday, August 29, 2008

So sad....

I'm back from the dead...I think....jetlag is kicking my butt.
This week has just been sad. S-A-D. The trip home was LONG. Very very long. Then fighting the jetlag...that's sad. Every night. Sigh.

But then the saddest thing of all.....

I found a Yarn Harlot ticket for the I Knit show next weekend. And I can't get it. Sniff.....sniff. I spent so much $$$ in the states while I was there this past 3 weeks that I need to choose between spending another 14 GBPs to get the YH ticket (when I have a perfectly good ticket w/o the YH...although no where near as fab) or spending the 14 GBPs on yarn. Hmmmmm. It's actually truly a hard decision. My yarny side says "YARN...YARN...YARN!" but the Yarn Harlot groupie in me says, "GO TO THE SHOW! LEARN LOTS!" More than likely, I'll opt for the yarn and fun new gadgets...

Hey, there's a CD at my parents' full of knitting patterns.

Well, the nuts awake and screaming.....back to jetlag therapy....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exercising Leads to Less Knitting Time

It is true! Who would have thought? I wish I had enough coordination to walk and knit at the same time, but I just don't think that I do. I've been tired enough that I haven't bee staying up late to knit either. Hopefully that will get better, but for now I am tired. But I am DETERMINED to win the Biggest Loser contest my MOMS Club(R) is doing. The pot is about $250! That is a lot of yarn! :)

I did finish the blanket, but have decided not to put it in the MOMS Club auction...just not that happy with it. I'm sure I will find a use for it.

Not much else to report, just missing you it Christmas yet?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

#5 Alive!

I am loving that you are home! I only wish I could see you more often! Tuesday was so much fun at your folk's house! On my way home, I got to thinking and realized that we had not knit together since you taught me how over a year ago! Can you believe that? I know that I didn't knit much on Tuesday, but I am glad that we were able to a little bit! :) Watching movies was so much fun too...I can not believe your parent's have Short Circuit! I am still laughing about that one! Number 5 Alive! :)

The girls have been pretty funny lately. It has been so nice out so Layla has been wanting to play outside in her play pool a lot. If I can get Jillian down for a nap at that time, it is great. I go outside and knit while Layla plays in the water. Here are some pics from the other day and one of Jillian so she doesn't feel left out:

The only other thing I think is that I have decided there is NO way I am going to be able to get the blanket done for MOMS Club that I was knitting for the auction. So, I am going to let it rest for a bit...I am really tired of knitting it. I am going to have a new niece or nephew in February so I will get it done for then. Here is what it looks like so far though:

So, now I am working on the following: My dad's scarf, my grandfather's hat, my grandmother's shawl, and Baby Elephant. I am going to cast on though for Layla's dress and this really cool little sweater I found (I think I have enough yarn in the stash). I also want to start a pair of socks for me...gotta get those done so I can wear them with my AWESOME new shoes! :) I finally remembered to upload a pic of my summer hat. I don't really like it, but think it gave me some ideas about what I really do want and that is good, isn't it?

Take care!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Shoes = New Yarn?

Huh? Who would have thought? :) Two of my very favorite things combined! I bought a FABULOUS new pair of shoes, but they are a little big, so I went and bought some sock yarn to learn how to make socks so they match! Fun Fun!

Monday, August 04, 2008

We can go get more! :)

I agree that packing sucks big time, but just think...that just means that you can get more yarn and more projects here in the states! I guess if I have to go yarn shopping with you, I'll just have to force myself to do it, I mean, it will be a whole lot of trouble, but darn it that is what friends are for. OK, seriously, you know I will make any excuse to go to the LYS. One more thing to look forward to once you get home!

OK, so I have been pretty MIA on the blog lately, but it has been a little crazy around here. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a WHOLE lot of knitting done. I did finish my Weekender hat, but it didn't come out exactly how I wanted. It is OK though. I bought some Rowan Denim to make a different one that I will hopefully like better. I will put up some pics when I get them.

Right now, I am working on a scarf for my father. I have started and restarted one for him, but I THINK I am onto a winner now. I am doing the
Reversible Cable Scarf from Lion Brand. I am using this GORGEOUS burnt orange Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. I have only done one repeat, but I think it is a keeper. I am still working on Elefante, and haven't made any progress since last post. Hopefully soon. The biggest thing that I think I am making is a pinwheel baby blanket. My MOMS Club (R) does a huge auction at the end of September. Last year I donated some purses to raffle off. I am going to do that this year too, but thought that I would do a baby blanket/hat/bootie set as well. I would really like to do a custom outfit as well, but we will see if I get it done. Anyway, I am using Caron on the blanket as I know it is easy to clean and doing it in yellow, green, blue, purple with white. I think that it will look neat. I am slowly making my way through it, but not necessarily looking forward to the last rounds when there are over 1000 stitces on the needles. The pattern calls for plain stockinette stitch, but I am throwing in some purl ridges and some seed stitch. I hope that it will go well in the auction.

Can't wait for Carli to come home. I am missing you so much. I will talk to you later today! YEAH!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Packing Sucks...

So, I'm usually a pretty darn good packer. In fact, it's a joke between Brett and I that it's not truly a "packing moment" unless he informs me that there's no way we're going to be able to take "all that stuff" and I....prove him wrong. EVERY time. That is, until last night. And even, now, at 5:50 am, an hour before we're to drive to Belfast, I'm still wracking my brain to figure out how to get it all in. Because, darn it, I've minimized the clothing I'm bringing, re-thought every piece of clothing I'm bringing for Hazel, and STILL don't have room for all the knitting I want to bring.

Now, for those of you who know me and my knitting, you're probably thinking, "Well, if you wouldn't bring every piece of knitting you own...every needle, all your yarn, and'd have more than enough room."

Not true.

I actually have very little going with me. A project for the plane...Hazel's new skirt that I'm designing as it's on pattern (as it's in my head) and on unthreatening circulars (I hope, please oh, please, let me on the plane with them). My Boye interchangeables...I "don't need" all my needles, however, I do actually feel a sense of loss for my needles...I feel like I'm chosing to take one kid on vacation (the interchangeables) while the others have to sit at home and do homework...*sniff*. My accessories bag...all the little knicknacs I need like my measuring tape, darning needles, cable needles, etc. because they ARE necessary to function as a knitter. And last, but not least, the scarf I've been working on for my fabulous Daddy for 2 1/2 years. I'm determined to get that bad boy done before Christmas, as he's been patiently waiting for it. Plus, I'm to the point in my knitting skills that I don't need a pattern for it any longer, so it'll be a good project for in the car. Provided I can find more of the yarn. I know there's another skein of it in the lock-up over there, but it would be so much easier if Wal-mart just stocked the stuff. Here's to hoping.

So, see! I'm not being that high maintenence of a knitter. Especially since I'm going to be gone for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS!!!!! Do you even understand what that means???!!!!??? That means, I'll have Hazel's skirt very close if not completely finished by the end of the 8 hour plane ride. So when I get to Indiana, I'll only have Dad's scarf to do. Provided we remidy the yarn issue (see above). But that's not the only projects I have going that need to be completed.

I've got to finish the objects I was going to make Adam for his birthday. But there's no room. Really, no room. I look at the beautiful UFO's sitting in my knitting basket and all I can think of it....

Packing Sucks.