Monday, August 04, 2008

We can go get more! :)

I agree that packing sucks big time, but just think...that just means that you can get more yarn and more projects here in the states! I guess if I have to go yarn shopping with you, I'll just have to force myself to do it, I mean, it will be a whole lot of trouble, but darn it that is what friends are for. OK, seriously, you know I will make any excuse to go to the LYS. One more thing to look forward to once you get home!

OK, so I have been pretty MIA on the blog lately, but it has been a little crazy around here. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a WHOLE lot of knitting done. I did finish my Weekender hat, but it didn't come out exactly how I wanted. It is OK though. I bought some Rowan Denim to make a different one that I will hopefully like better. I will put up some pics when I get them.

Right now, I am working on a scarf for my father. I have started and restarted one for him, but I THINK I am onto a winner now. I am doing the
Reversible Cable Scarf from Lion Brand. I am using this GORGEOUS burnt orange Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. I have only done one repeat, but I think it is a keeper. I am still working on Elefante, and haven't made any progress since last post. Hopefully soon. The biggest thing that I think I am making is a pinwheel baby blanket. My MOMS Club (R) does a huge auction at the end of September. Last year I donated some purses to raffle off. I am going to do that this year too, but thought that I would do a baby blanket/hat/bootie set as well. I would really like to do a custom outfit as well, but we will see if I get it done. Anyway, I am using Caron on the blanket as I know it is easy to clean and doing it in yellow, green, blue, purple with white. I think that it will look neat. I am slowly making my way through it, but not necessarily looking forward to the last rounds when there are over 1000 stitces on the needles. The pattern calls for plain stockinette stitch, but I am throwing in some purl ridges and some seed stitch. I hope that it will go well in the auction.

Can't wait for Carli to come home. I am missing you so much. I will talk to you later today! YEAH!!!

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