Thursday, December 18, 2008

Test Knit?

OK, so I'm almost finished writing up my pattern for Matt's Frat Feet Socks...but I need to have 3 test knitters before I can convert it to a PDF file and submit it to Ravelry as a design....

(Matt has a size 14 foot, so they're REALLY big on my feet and you can't get a good pic, so I'll take better pictures when he gets them for Christmas)

I know you haven't done socks yet, and this is a toe-up pattern (which is a little more complex than cuff down), but I wanted to see if you wanted to be my first test knitter? I am going to open it up to our BBC Mama's group to see if anyone there would be interested, but I wanted to ask you first!

These are knit up for Matty's huge feet, but the pattern is easily adjustable to different men's sizes as the toe count is the same but the length can be altered according to the length of the foot it's being knit up for)

Love you!

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