Friday, May 02, 2008

Change Of Plan

So, after doing some thinking, I have decided not to knit the last 2 baby blankets (these are the ones I have not started). Upon being realistic about my knitting ability/speed, there is NO way I could get them finished in time. So, I am going to finish the ones for S. and J. and make the baby booties for S. If they go quickly, then perhaps I will make some for D. and E. This is both of their second child (not that this time around it is any less of a celebration!) and I am sure they both have a ton of blankets. So, I am not going to knit any for them. I may go ahead and make them each a flannel blanket, because they are soft and easily cleaned and I really enjoy making them for babies! So, I now have the following short term goals:

1) Finish S.'s baby blanket by 5/17/08
2) Start and Finish S.'s baby booties by 5/17/08
3) Finish J's baby blanket by 5/31/08
4) Sew 2 flannel blankets by 6/01/08

That ought to keep me busy for the next month. I have S.'s blanket almost half finished and J.'s IS half finished. The baby booties do not look too difficult, so hopefully I can get them done quickly. Darling hubby Eric is running in a half-marathon tomorrow, so weather permitting, I am hoping to get some knitting done. Layla is going to the in-laws for the weekend so I will only have Jillian and hopefully she will sleep! :) Wish me luck!

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