Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh So Cute!

Both sets of booties are SO cute Carli! I love the varigated Yellow Brick Road ones and really like the idea of using ties instead of buttons! The Chucks...OMG...I can't wait to make a pair for Jillian! I have some perfect yarn for them too! Good job! I am waiting with anticipation to see the pair on Hazel!

On my knitting front...I have had to change my goals around (once again!). I did finish everything for Stacey's Baby Shower in time (see pics below). My friend Darci had a new baby girl last week so I am trying to finish everything for her. I have made her new baby a hat and am making her booties as well (Saartje's Bootees) with Caron in Watermelon and Soft Yellow. I made her big sister (who is Layla's age) a coordinating hat as well. All I have left to finish are the booties and I am about 25% done with them. Then I have to make a pair of the Good Bye Yellow Brick Road Booties (found on Ravelry...I'd give you the link, but it doesn't work.) for my friend Jen's Baby Shower and finish her blanket as well. I am told her shower is the 8th, but I have yet to receive an invitation. So, that is what I am going with and want to be finished by the 7th. I have to get Darci's stuff done first though because I have to send it out to Connecticut! So, hopefully I will be done with her booties by the end of the week and can focus on Jen's stuff...wish me luck!

I will be glad when I am done with those things though, just because I want to knit some things for me (and my girls) and I haven't been able to do that much. I have many many plans....too many plans probably...oh well! Life goes on!

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