Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Recovery

Thank you love! It was a very mellow day yesterday, which I was fully OK with! We went and had Ulster Fry at the Ballygally castle and then went shopping for my birthday present...I got some clothes and 2 pairs of shoes. Then I knit!!!! Are you surprised? I found the cutest shoe pattern on Ravelry! They're mock Converse All-Stars! I love them, so I knitted up one to try on Hazel to see if it fit. It did, but I did it in verigated yarn, so it doesn't photograph very well.

I DID knit up Hazel some of those Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Booties! Too Cute! I used the bright verigated yarn I'm using to knit myself some footies. I think they're so cute done up in the verigated that i think I may go buy more verigated in different colors just so she can have a bunch!!!!!

The ties called for either buttons on the T-Strap, or ribbon, but I simply twisted coordinating pink yarn and used that as ties...I think it fits perfect as I think ribbon might have been too fancy for this yarn!

I can't wait to get the converse shoes finished! Here's the website! I used the alternative pattern as the original really didn't make sense. Converse Booties

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