Monday, November 10, 2008

My first doll! (aka...Lanie's surprise)

I think it's really important to celebrate each new little one we recieve into our "family" of friends. I love attending showers for them and picking out sute little outfits and toys!

Beth Penick got married this year and is celebrating the arrival of her first baby, Sophia!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Sadly, I couldn't go, but I (hopefully) will get to meet her when we're home. However, this isn't Beth's first child. When she got married to the fabulous Jody, she also married his little girl, Lanie. She's a beautiful little girl and Beth's been around her since she was....17 mos? Anywho. She's a grown up 3 year old now, and I know is going to be a great big sister. And I got to thinking...I defenitely want to get Lanie something, too! And I came across this great pattern in one of my magazines. Tooth Trader by Alan Dart (can't find the link). TOO CUTE.

So I made her...and modified her a bit. She's not a tooth fairy, but a ballerina fairy, and instead of a blonde pony tail I made brunette pigtails. I added a few bits and bobbs and anyway, I love how she turned out.....

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Beth said...

That's awesome! How much for one - seriously?
I have seen similar ones online for like 40 dollars!! Yikes!