Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obsession Or Just A Great Interest?

So, when does a hobby go from a great interest into a full blown obsession? I ask only because I think that I am on my way to obsession. It is so funny. I used to spend my free time (what little there is) reading or watching movies or listening to music or doing other things. Now, anytime I have to myself is spent knitting. If I'm not knitting, I'm thinking about knitting, reading about knitting, or checking out knitting on the internet. Even the past 3 literary books I have read have been mysteries that incorporate knitting into the theme. I realized last night when my youngest woke up for her 3:30am feeding that I spend the time she is nursing thinking about what I am going to knit next...never mind that I have 4 projects in the works right now. I have to think about something when she nurses as night or I will fall asleep and I don't want to do that with her breastfeeding. So, I think about knitting, or yarn, or the obvious combination of both. I can't help it. It is like anytime my brain strays from my family or friends, knitting is right there. Heck, even when I am with my friends and family, I am often thinking about what I would like to knit for them. Is this bad? I've only been in this whole knitting community for less than a year, but I love it so much. I know my husband thinks that I am INSANE, especially when I told him I want to learn to knit socks. He does NOT understand that...why make them when I could buy them for CHEAP. I don't know how to answer that, I just know that I want to learn. I guess I won't worry too much about it...interest or obsession...either way, I am making some pretty cool things!

In other news...Saturday was WWKIP (World Wide Knit in Public) Day. I didn't get to knit as much as I would have liked, but I did get to knit some. My hubby ran in a 10K Saturday morning about an hour from home and then we went to his parent's house for the day. That night we went to a tractor pull for my Brother-In-Law. We spent quite a bit of time on the road so I got to knit in the car. Then at my In-Laws, my MIL watched the girls some so I could knit. Then came the Knitting in Public part of the day. At the tractor pull, we were sitting on the ground (well, in chairs, but on the ground) and L was running around in front of me. J was asleep in my arm, but was positioned well for me to knit. So, I knit for at least an hour at the Tractor Pull. I felt pretty cool. Don't worry, I was knitting with cotton so if it got dirty, I could easily wash it. I know that there were some people that were looking at me like "What in the hell is that woman doing? I SO didn't care. It was great to sit outside and knit. I really enjoyed it. So, that was my first WWKIP day...YEAH! By the way...my SIL took pics of me knitting and the girls at the Pull...I will post them when I get them from her.

My only bummer with the knitting is that I was making my Not So Much Harry Potter Beret and I RAN OUT OF YARN!!! AARRGGHH!! I thought one skein would be enough...obviously I was wrong. I am going to call the LYS here in a bit to see if she has another in the same dye lot. At least it is a varigated yarn so if she doesn't hopefully it won't show too much! :) I am almost finished with it though. I think that it will look pretty cool when I am done.

L's skirt is coming along well. I can't remember if I posted about it. I am making a version of Caiden's Skirt using some really bright colored variageted cotton (this is what I was knitting on at the tractor pull!). I think it is going to turn out great. I had to redo it a bit because I cast on the wrong amount, but hopefully this will work better. L picked out the yarn so she better wear it! :) I am going to cast on for a hat for J today, one she can wear here during the summer while it is warm, but maybe windy. Hmmm...now to decide which colors to go with...I am thinking a rainbow! What fun!

Off to the LYS tomorrow to hopefully get some more of the Ashes of Roses Paton Shetland Chunky yarn that I need for the beret. I also want to get a skein of black wool for this hat I have in mind (I LOVE hats...can you tell?). I want to get a size 6 & 8 16" needle since my Boye set doesn't have them. I'm sure that I will find other things that intrigue me. I will be sure to let you know what I find! :)

Have a wonderful day...until next time!

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