Monday, June 09, 2008


T, that little set is just far too cute!!!! Where did you get the pattern for the hat? I really like the flower...much better than my daisy...which, I still need to type up for you....

So, I need to STAY OFF the ravelry website. Seriously. I have something like 75 favorite patterns earmarked, and that doesn't even include the seemingly 4 billion patterns I have saved to my computer. And we won't even discuss my notebook...I had to expand to a larger binder as the other one was full to exploding.

I'm still chugging away at the Duffle Coat I'm making for Hazel. I'm making myself hold off on any other projects until it's done. Which it's really hard as I have to get some things knitted for a friend who's due in August...Brett needs to be able to take them with him to Peoria next month!!!!

So, I'm off to knit some more of the dreaded hood on H's coat, and then do dishes....maybe I'll make some headway on the hood....not getting my hopes up though....

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