Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Complete Devistation

So, Brett and I planned to take our weekend to London the first weekend of September (the 6 thru 8) so I can go to the I Knit Day on September 6th! That's because my hubby is fabulous and wonderful and terrific and etc and etc. He gave me permission to reserve my ticket tonight so I can go see the fantastic Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) since I missed her at the Barnes N Nobles in Carmel on April 29th (sigh). And I went to purchase my ticket just a few minutes ago....and they are sold out on line. *****SOB***** So I just emailed them to see if by any chance I could squeeze one simple little ticket out of them...otherwise I'm going to have to buy my ticket at the door and miss out on her talk....how can I possibly go if I know she's 20 feet from me and signing books and I can't see her????? HOW??????

So my sad little person will sit here and desperately wait for an email response....



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