Sunday, March 01, 2009

What was I thinking?

So I decided to make the girl I got to Mom & Tot's group all slippers for Mother's Day (which is March 22 here). I'm just doing the simple Pocketbook Slippers pattern so that I'm able to get 5 pairs done quickly. I have all the girl's favorite colors and the first slipper took 2 evenings. I'm not fast, so it takes approx 2 hours for a slipper. I have 10 total to do...8 3/4 left at this point. That's about 18 hours of slipper knitting. Then sewing them all up and decorating. I have 3 weeks. Plus I want to finish my Buttony cardigan for knit night next week, therefore freeing me up to make HAZEL'S Buttony (or atleast start it) at that same knit night. Plus I took a class on bag knitting yesterday and came up with a cute clutch I'm calling "Poppy"...that is if it turns out like I think it should.

So the list for this month's knits come to:

1. 10 Pocketbook Slippers
2. My Buttony
3. Hazel's Buttony
4. Poppy

And none of that even includes the stuff I still need to finish for my loved ones that was due 2 months ago.

What on earth am I doing to myself?

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