Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thing are distracting me!

I'm about one inch from finished with my Flower Scarf. Well, the main part anyway. I need to do the button and the flower. But those should go quickly.

Then I have the several Christmas presents I need to tackle.

But I got this really pretty Adriafil Spillo

prior to my yarn diet (which isn't going so swell btw). It's just beautiful and so soft. And it self-stripes in these really soft white and pink and blues and, oh, I just love it. And I found a little sweater dress for Hazel that will suit it and her perfectly. And I got the DPNs I need for it today in the mail. And I wanna start it. And I really shouldn't. But I really want to. And the side of my that really wants to says I should b/c she'll grow out of it before I or anyone else will grow out of their gift. But I really need to finish what I've begun. And I really wanna finish that scarf, but I really want to knit with this Spillo...urgh.

There really is no good solution to this dilemma. Except I may knit a few rows of my scarf and then knit up the sleeves for the sweater dress (they're only like 4 rows long each) and then get to working on my belated Christmas gifts....That way everything gets a little attention.

That's fair, right?

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