Sunday, February 08, 2009

Knitting Machine

Which is exactly what I feel like lately! Here are some of my recently FOs...
Hazel's Sweater Dress...My Pleated Purse from the book Boutique Knits...

Lindsay's Neckwarmer...My flower Scarf....I have my first Knitting Club night on Wednesday night (it'll be my mom's night out), so I'm trying to decide what to knit. I think I may string on the beads for Mom's other Gauntlet and take that as it's a fairly simple knit once you get going. I'm going to CO this evening for a second sweater dress for my friend Michelle's little girl, Beth, but the first dress took about 1 day to knit up, so I'm thinking that'll be done nearly as quick, but we'll see.

I'm putting off Matt's Frat Feet, I think, out of shear frustration in frogging the second sock. I promise the pattern will be out soon, I just need a little "thinking about it" time. But I will get back to it as I know he'd like to have them at some point in the near future.

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