Sunday, September 21, 2008


So I need desperately to prioritise my works in progress.
It is devastatingly sad that my startitis is getting this bad. Let's run through the projects I have going...shall we?

Hazel Projects:

1. Her Uggs...they are 1/2 finished...meaning one shoe is finished and I've yet to cast on the 2nd.
2. The Can-Can skirt I'm designing her...I frogged the first trial, deciding life will be much better if I just rip it out and start all over...this time working from the top down so that I can have much better size control. So right now it's occupying one of my Boye's interchangeables as only a cast on.

3. A Pull-over I'm designing for her. I'm really really excited about this one, and I love knitting up the stitches (it's lacework).

4. Her slippers I designed her...I found the cutest baby slippers at Target while I was Preggo...the only problem was that they only came in blue and white and the largest they got was 3-6 mos. I looked at them and thought...I can make these. So I bought them, took them home and knitted them up. The first pair was HUGE. But I managed to get this pair the correct size. I think I want to add a little something to them, though, as they still don't seem girly enough for me....
Other People Projects:

1. Adam's ManBag...I designed a purse for Lindsay for her birthday, and once Adam saw it, he wanted me to design him one, smaller (to hold just one or two books), plainer, and more masculine. I got it started, but, and this is really the only explaination I can come up with, lost interest and haven't gotten farther than....
2. A Scarf for Lindsay for christmas. I was originally going to make and keep it for myself, but, about 2 triangles in, I realized that it's the end of September and I haven't even begun Christmas projects, yet. Then Brett pointed out that it matches the purse I made her, so, hopefully she'll like it, as it's her first gift.
3. Adam's Juggling Balls...I made one of this poor belated birthday present. And They're actually very fast, I just need to get on the other 2...Poor Adam.
I've got a ton of other projects that I'm itching to start, but I think, for the sake of preventing any more UFOs (UnFinished Objects to laymen), I need to knock some of these out of the to-do list....that way I can get started on more christmas gifts...and there's a LOT!

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