Tuesday, September 09, 2008

IKnit Day 2008 (oh, and London, too)

Where do I begin???? IKnit Day was wonderful and glorious and HOT. Wow. I walked into the convention center and it was sweltering....full of women (and a few men) and just tons of wool (and other glorious materials). I've never actually contemplated being naked in public before then, but, being in the craziness of IKnit, I would have been more than happy to bare all just to get through it! There were knitters EVERYWHERE. 1/2 of the room was dedicated to stalls for shopping, and the other 1/2 was the mainstage, and workshop areas. Chairs with knitters doing what they did best filled every little nook and cranny of the mainstage 1/2...save 2 aisles on both sides of the stage for passerbys...It was crazy.

In my naive little head, I thought it would be best to hit the stalls and so some shopping before the yarn was all picked over. Silly me thought I would actually be ABLE to get to the stalls. Knitters are rude!!!!! There's no queing for a chance to look...people WILL and DO cut in front of you.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed with all the possibilities of yarn. My first purchase was at the Purlescence stall. I got cute little Pattern Markers!!!

I just think they're so fun. The only things is, with traveling, they don't seem to stay on my pattern too well, but that's OK, they're cuteness makes up for their travel ineptness!

I got some really pretty China Palace silk DK....

I think I'm going to knit up something for Hazel out of it. I can't quite decide. There's plenty for a shrug for her, which I think would be darling. Can't quite decide, though.....I just love the colors.

Then I managed to snag a Sushi Sock Roll from the Easy Knits stall. I'm so excited to get started this one. I just need to decide what socks I want to knit up with it....Look how gorgeous the colors are!

I can't just knit a plain ole borning sock with this gorgeous stuff. Hmmm....

Then I saw the most amazing incredible gorgeous breathtaking wool I have ever laid my eyes (and hands) on. And it was stupidly expensive. But when I saw it (and touched it) it was like "AHHHHH...AHHHHHH...Ahhhh" The heavens opened up and a choir of angels sang. I stewed about it for a while....and stewed about it more. Then I sucked it up and bought it....

I hate these pictures, though b/c they aren't showing the colors. The bright blues are bright purple in real life.....Oh, these pictures just make it look boring.....

Yikes!!!! I gotta get ready for mom & tots!!!!! Will type again later!

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