Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So I've been forcing myself to knit the past couple nights and during the day as I can. I know that sounds really bazaar coming from me, but it's true. I'm doing it, though, and making some progress.

I admit I hit a slight blackhole on Daddy's present. But we're through and sailing away. I managed to get quite a bit done on it last night after H went to bed. yay!!!

Then I've been just blowing through Mom's gift. I have to say that DPNs beat magic loop any day of the week when you'redoing ML on a 60 inch cable needle. Far too much extra cable. But I'm loving the color work and now that I've finished 1/2 of the second one, I've gotten the hang of keeping the colors less tangled and it's a breeze. Plus knitting colorwork that is intricate is like painting with yarn. you just knit along, doing nothing different than switching colors as you go, and presto, you have this cool design. Way addicting.

I am determined to get atleast mom's present DONE and the piece I'm currently working on for Dad's DONE before we leave in 2 weeks. Anything outside the one piece on Dad's is just bonus that won't keep me up until the wee hours of the morning Christmas day.

Determined. It WILL happen...

Lotsa Love

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