Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids Asleep, Husband Out...Why Am I On The Computer?

I am loving the dress Carli! It is so cute! I think that I am going to have to make one for Layla. Maybe even one for my niece for Christmas. Wouldn't it be cute to make them matching Christmas dresses? I think I will at least do that for my girls. I was going to sew them some, but maybe this would be better. I will have to think about that. Hmmm....

The purse is really cute too. I am proud of you for designing something! Go You! I really hope that she likes it.

Last week I went home to visit my parents. We had a nice time. While we were there, I got to go to the yarn store close to them. I have been wanting to go, but just haven't been able to. It is called the Trading Post and not only was it a yarn and fiber store, but it was also an alpaca and llama farm! They are SO cute! The yarn store had some beautiful things in it and I was really excited to check it all out. Unfortunately, Mom was watching the girls in the car so I really couldn't stay very long. But, I did buy a hank of 100% alpaca undied wool. It is SO pretty.
There is about 150 yards there, I'm not sure yet what I am going to make with it, but I can't wait to do it! I have a couple of One Skein books from the library so I am going to have to find something neat that is worthy of the wool. The coolest thing was that I got to see the alpaca that it came from. He was SO pretty and his name was Hamlet. The only bummer about the place is that it is only open 2 days a week. But the store girl said that anytime I was coming into town to call the owner and if she was around she would most likely open the store so I will have to keep that in mind!! Yeah!! A new yarn store!

I finished up Jillian's dress. I am really happy with it, but wish it was a little longer. However, with a diaper cover, I think it will be cute. It matches the dress I made for Layla. Here is the best picture I could get. I will try and get a better one this weekend.

Right now, I am working on a shawl for my grandmother, a hat for my grandfather and I think I am going to cast on for
Elefante tonight. I bought some Caron today to do it in. The pattern calls for stripes, but the varigated yarn I think will be really pretty. I can't wait to make this. It will be my first toy so that will be exciting. I am going to cast on for a scarf too...I have been trying to make a summer scarf, but just haven't found one I like. Hopefully this one will be cute! I'm tired of ripping out stuff! :)

I am trying to decide if I am going to enter the Ravelympics. I have to come up with a project that I can finish in 17 days, but will challenge me. I am going to have to think on it. Any ideas? Let me know!

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