Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Laid Plans Pictures!

Here's the hat I made Adam to keep his cranium warm and un-sunburnt! Hazel's not a big fan as he was wearing it and leaned down to play with her and she got this terrorized look on her face and started crying uncontrolably! The rest of us like it, though, and it didn't turn out too bad provided I didn't have a pattern to follow!

Here are the balls that I made...the pink one is Hazel's and the striped one is one of the set I'm going to make Adam (you need 3 to juggle for some reason ;-) ). The took no time to make, so I should have the rest of Adam's done in time for his birthday!

I cast on last night to learn 2-at-a-time sock knitting, but I need different needles than my Boye Interchangeable, they don't seem to want to bend and twist the way they need to. I also think I need a little more patience than what I have right now as it is NOT an easy technique. So the socks will have to take a back seat to other projects. I'll learn eventually.

I cast on for a second Violet dress for Hazel. This time, though, I decreased the cast on and all the calculations by 20%, and I'm going to make it fairly short so she can wear it as a tunic instead of a dress....wish me luck! It's a little odd, though, I've changed so much about that project that the pattern only resembles the original. The finished project still looks the same, but I've switched so many stitches that it doesn't feel the same!

Well, I'm off to knit! Have a great day!

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