Friday, December 04, 2009

What I'm REALLY Doing!

Dear Carli,

So, I determined what I am REALLY doing for Chirtmas knitting! Anything else is going to have to wait! Here is my list:

1) Layla's shirt in brown and Mint green
2) MIL Head scarf in Bright Red, my own design
3) Jillian shirt in purple and white
4) Marshall vest in Blue and Grey

That's it. If I get anything else done, it is total luck! :) So, here is hoping as MIL scarf is going to take FOREVER!!!

Hope your holiday knitting is going well!

1 comment:

Paulah said...

how did your christmas knitting go??
did you finished what you planned?? I know I only had my father's in law and some kids scarves so I was good!!!