Tuesday, September 08, 2009

IKnit take 2

Off to IKnit Weekender in London this weekend! Woooohooooo! This is the same convention I went to last year to see our dear YH, but sadly there isn't anyone on the schedule who I'm aching to see. Nevertheless, I am pumped and mentally ready to go! Physically is a whole other story, however.


Last year I worked on a pair of socks for Brett. Black wool. Apparently too itchy for him. They've been ripped out. Oh, well. Gave me something to do. I have a bizillion projects that I should do that day, but most of them are color work, bulky, or have intricate charts.

I thought about knitting those same socks for Matty (obviously bigger) as I'm having issues with the second frat sock. If I cable them, the cables don't look right on the second sock for some reason. If I don't cable them, the sock looks sasquatch big. Thought about ripping them out all together and making an afghan for him or something out of the yarn. But I have the black wool to use and I bet Matt would wear them. Even if they're hot. Maybe.

Wanted to get my juliet top finished to wear on Saturday, but I doubt that's going to happen. First off, I finally am getting the first sleeve for mom's birthday present accomplished. I say accomplished, not done, as it's taken me 4 times for it to actually work out. The first 2 times are pattern issues. The 3rd time was a Carli issue. So I tackled it a 4th time, this time marking the chart as I work the stitches. Much better. Hopefully I will get through one sleeve tonight...cross your fingers. Secondly, there just isn't the time. I could knit on it like a crazy woman to get it done, but as I have too many other presents that NEED done to push that hard on one that doesn't NEED done. I should be pushing that hard on Mom and Adam's presents. Not a convention top.

We'll see.

Well, off to knit and nurse a headache. Lots to do before we're off to London!

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